Apache CXF – Contract First Web Services

Apache CXF - Contract First Web Services I wrote a post a few years ago detailing a step by step guide to building a contract first web service using Spring.  I recently started working with Apache CXF and thought it would be worth putting together a more up to date post, this time using CXF. We'll create a fictitious Account Service that takes a single account number parameter and returns associated account information. Although the sample service will be very simple, the approach taken should provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build real world services. Source Code The full source code for this post [...]

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Externalising Spring Configuration

Externalising Spring Configuration Enterprise applications typically contain a number of  properties and  runtime resources that must be configured before the application is deployed. Property and resource values can either be baked into the artefact at build time using something like Maven Profiles or derived at runtime using Spring Profiles. My preferred approach is to externalise all configuration so that the artefact taken from the build server is environment agnostic and can be deployed onto any environment . For example, we could take a WAR file from our build server and  deploy it to our development, UAT or production environments without changing any configuration in the WAR file itself. Application Property [...]

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Java Web Service Client – Proxy Configuration

Java Web Service Client - Proxy Configuration I've spent the last few days integrating an application with the Experian bank account validation service, using Axis2 as the web service client. The client worked fine in our dev environment  but couldnt connect when deployed in the customers corporate network. The Axis client was throwing an UnknownHostException because it couldn't resolve the service URL. Strangely though, on the same machine I was able to paste the URL into a browser and view the service WSDL.  After some digging around I realised that all HTTP requests that go out to the public internet need to be routed through the [...]

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