Spring Cloud Config Server on Kubernetes – Part 2

This is the second of a two part article about building centralised configuration with Spring Cloud Config Server. In this post we'll take the the two Spring Boot services created in part one and run them on Kubernetes. We'll initially deploy to a local cluster before stepping things up and deploying to Azures manged Kubernetes Service, AKS. By the end of this post you should have two Spring Boot services deployed to an AKS cluster as shown in the diagram below. Source Code The full source code for this post (and part one) is available on Github. If you want to get up and running [...]

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Spring Cloud Config Server on Kubernetes – Part 1

This is the first of a two part article where I'll show you how to use Spring Cloud Config Server to build centralised configuration for your microservices.  In this first post we'll create a Config Service that pulls its data from a Git repo and exposes it to other services. We'll also create a consumer, a Config Consumer Service that pulls from the Config Service on startup.  The diagram below shows how the services will interact. In part two of this article we'll take the two services and deploy them to Kubernetes. We'll initially deploy and test on a local Kubernetes cluster, before deploying on Azures [...]

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Docker – Multi Container App

Docker - Multi Container App In my last post I used Docker to build and run a simple Spring Boot application. This post will take things a little further by introducing a second container, showing you how distinct components can be deployed in separate containers and how those containers can communicate. We'll build a simple Spring Boot app with a REST endpoint that takes an incoming message and adds it to an ActiveMQ message queue. A second endpoint will use a receiver component to consume the next message from the queue and return it to the client.  The application itself is simple but it'll provide [...]

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