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An Introduction to Wiremock

An Introduction to Wiremock This post provides a brief introduction to Wiremock, showing how it can be used to to quickly and easily mock remote API calls. We'll use Wiremock to write some integration tests for a simple Dropwizard app and show you how it can be put to [...]

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Spring Boot & Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS & S3)

Spring Boot & Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS & S3) This post will take you through a step by step guide to building and deploying a simple Java app in the AWS cloud. The app will use a few well known AWS services which I'll describe along the way. [...]

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Spring Boot REST Tutorial

Spring Boot REST Tutorial Spring Boot makes it easier to build Spring based applications by focusing on convention over configuration.  Following standard Spring Boot conventions we can minimise the configuration required to get an application up and running. The use of an embedded Servlet container allows us to package [...]

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An Introduction to Micro Services

An Introduction to Micro Services I'm currently working on a SaaS product and recently there's been some discussion about moving toward a micro services architecture. With this in mind I've been doing some reading to find out about the benefits and challenges involved. This post documents my findings to [...]

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An introduction to Lambdas in Java 8

An introduction to Lambdas in Java 8 There are a number of exciting new features in Java 8 that have changed the language for the better, but lambda expressions in particular stand out. What is a Lambda Expression? In simple terms a lambda expression is a piece of code [...]

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Externalising Spring Configuration

Externalising Spring Configuration Enterprise applications typically contain a number of  properties and  runtime resources that must be configured before the application is deployed. Property and resource values can either be baked into the artefact at build time using something like Maven Profiles or derived at runtime using Spring Profiles. My preferred [...]

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