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CKAD Prep Part 7 – Kubernetes Secrets

Kubernetes Secrets A Secret is a Kubernetes object that encapsulates sensitive data such as a password or key. A Secret can be consumed by a container so that applications can access the sensitive data at runtime. Defining a Secret A sample Secret definition is shown below. apiVersion: v1 kind: Secret [...]

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CKAD Prep Part 5 – Kubernetes SecurityContexts

Kubernetes SecurityContext A SecurityContext is a Kubernetes object, defined as part of the Pod spec, that describes the privileges and access control settings for a Pod. The primary settings for a SecurityContext are runAsUser - allows you to run containers as a specified user runAsGroup - allows you to [...]

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CKAD Prep Part 4 – Kubernetes Config Maps

Kubernetes Config Maps A ConfigMap is a Kubernetes object that stores configuration data in a key/value store. apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: config-map-demo data: greetingOne: Hey there! greetingTwo: Howdy partner! A ConfigMap can be referenced in a Pod spec and used to configure an application running in a [...]

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CKAD Prep Part 3 – Kubernetes Namespaces

Kubernetes Namespaces A Namespace provides a way of organising or categorising resources in a Kubernetes cluster. Every resource you create is associated with a Namespace. When an objects Namespace isn't specified explicitly, it will be associated with the default Namespace. Namespaces are a great way of logically grouping or [...]

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CKAD Prep Part 2 – Kubernetes Pods

Kubernetes Pods A Pod is the basic building block of an application running in Kubernetes. A Pod encapsulates one or more containers and a set of resources shared by those containers.  All containers that run in a Kubernetes cluster run inside a Pod. Creating a Pod Below is a [...]

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Spring Cloud Config Server on Kubernetes – Part 2

This is the second of a two part article about building centralised configuration with Spring Cloud Config Server. In this post we'll take the the two Spring Boot services created in part one and run them on Kubernetes. We'll initially deploy to a local cluster before stepping things up [...]

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