Web Resource Optimisation with WRO4J

Web Resource Optimisation with WRO4J Its been a while since I've posted anything so I'm going to ease myself back in with a post on web resource optimisation, and in particular my recent experience optimising a Java web application using WRO4J. What is Web Resource Optimisation? Rich internet applications are now common place, delivering a slick, responsive user experience that in the past was only possible with thick client applications. Modern web applications are typically composed of many JavaScript and CSS resources, so we need to consider ways of optimising how theses resources are served to the client. The objective of web resource optimisation like [...]

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jQuery Performance Tips

jQuery Performance Tips I've been working with jQuery for a while now and it really does live up to the moto, 'write less do more' by allowing developers to become productive very quickly. This kind of immediate productivity is great but there's the potential for inexperienced jQuery developers to write code that performs poorly. This was recently brought to my attention while working on a project where we are targeting IE8. Running on Chrome our application was perfectly responsive, but this wasn't the case when we switched to IE8. It’s well known that the JavaScript engine used by IE8 is considerably slower than that of [...]

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