Service Integration with Netflix Feign and Ribbon

The guys at Netflix have developed and open sourced (among many other things) Feign and Ribbon.  These libraries can help you as a developer, to build robust, fault tolerant service integrations.  Best of all, they've been tested in the wild by Netflix, who use both libraries extensivley in their own microservices architecture. In this post we'll look at Feign and Ribbon to see how they can be used in the context of a Spring Boot application. What is Feign? Feign is a library that helps developers create declarative HTTP clients by simply defining an interface and annotating it. At runtime, Feign creates the HTTP client [...]

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An Introduction to Micro Services

An Introduction to Micro Services I'm currently working on a SaaS product and recently there's been some discussion about moving toward a micro services architecture. With this in mind I've been doing some reading to find out about the benefits and challenges involved. This post documents my findings to date and may be useful to others who are just starting to look into micro services. Replacing the Monolith Before we look at micro services lets first take a look at the traditional monolith architecture. A monolith is a system that is built and deployed as a single artifact, typically consisting of HTML, JavaScript, CSS web [...]

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