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Build, Package and Run Spring Boot Apps with Docker

I've recently started playing around with Docker again and have decided to put together a few posts to share what I've learned. In this post  I'll show you how to compile, package and run a simple Spring Boot app in a Docker container. To keep the Docker image as [...]

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Tips for Well Commented Code

I've always been a fan of commenting code. To me, it's a no brainer, the sensible thing to do, and a fundamental part of building software that's easy to understand and maintain. Not everyone agrees though. Some argue that comments are unessesary and simply shine a light on code [...]

By |August 30th, 2019|Categories: Software Engineering Fundamentals|

SOAP Web Services with Apache CXF and Spring Boot

This post is based on one I wrote a few years ago about building contract first web services with Apache CXF and Spring. The previous post didnt use Spring Boot and most of the Spring and CXF configuration was via XML. This post moves things forward a bit by [...]

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Introduction to Lombok

Java is often criticised for being unnecessarily verbose compared with other languages. Lombok provides a bunch of annotations that generate boilerplate code in the background, removing it from your classes and therefore helping to keep your code clean. Less boilerplate means more concise code that's easier to read and [...]

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Service Integration with Netflix Feign and Ribbon

The guys at Netflix have developed and open sourced (among many other things) Feign and Ribbon.  These libraries can help you as a developer, to build robust, fault tolerant service integrations.  Best of all, they've been tested in the wild by Netflix, who use both libraries extensivley in their [...]

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Configuring Micro Services – Spring Cloud Config Server

Configuring Micro Services – Spring Cloud Config Server Managing application configuration in a traditional monolith is pretty straight forward. Configuration is usually externalised to one or more property files that sit on the same server as the application. Externalising the configuration makes sense because it allows configuration to [...]

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